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How do I complete the identity check?

It's really important that we protect your account from anyone trying to access it without permission. To help do this we'll ask you to verify your identity by submitting a selfie through the app every so often.

If you let someone else use your account to complete orders on your behalf (a substitute) you'll still need to complete an identity check yourself as the Deliveroo account holder, to prove you still have control of the account. 

To complete the identity check simply tap your name in the menu from the top-left of the home screen. On your profile page tap 'Verify your identity' to complete the check. 

48 hours before your identity check is overdue you'll also see a prompt on the home screen to complete your identity check. You can tap this to complete the check.

If for any reason your selfie can't be recognised, or someone else is using your account as a substitute when we ask for a selfie, you can complete the check later. And if you still have any difficulty having your selfie recognised, you can request a manual review where one of our team will review your selfie to confirm if it's you. 

Your selfie will be compared to the selfie or photo ID you submitted during your onboarding.

If after 14 days your identity has not been successfully verified you'll be unable to go online until you complete the check. You can tap the prompt on the home screen to complete the check. Once you've completed the check you'll be able to go online.

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