Everything you need to know about substitution

Working flexibly with Deliveroo means you choose exactly how you work. As outlined in your supplier agreement, this includes being able to choose to appoint other people to complete orders for you.

When you appoint a substitute it’s your responsibility to make sure that this person meets all of the requirements to work with Deliveroo, as set out in your supplier agreement. This includes checking the following information about your substitute:

  • They are over 18 years of age
  • They have the right to work in Ireland
  • They know how to perform deliveries safely and in accordance with applicable road safety, food safety and health and safety laws
  • Has a valid scooter or driving license and insurance
  • Does not exceed any work restrictions set out by their visa by riding with Deliveroo. 
  • Hasn’t had a previous Supplier Agreement with Deliveroo terminated due to a material breach of its terms

Right to work in Ireland

When working with a substitute it’s your responsibility to check they have valid right to work in Ireland. This includes a valid Irish or EU passport, or the relevant visas.

There are often conditions to working with visas, for example, people on Stamp 2 (student) visas are not eligible to work with Deliveroo. If you’re unsure whether your substitute’s visa allows them to work with Deliveroo, you can read more about conditions on visas here.

Failing to carry out Right to Work checks can be considered a criminal offence with sanctions of up to 5 years of imprisonment and a fine up to €250,000.

Your responsibilities

Please remember that you are responsible for your substitute and ensuring that they know how to perform deliveries safely and in accordance with applicable road safety, food safety and health and safety law. You can point them to the videos available on the rider website – riders.deliveroo.ie. The site includes all onboarding and safety information useful for riders working with Deliveroo – particularly:

  • Safety kit requirements
  • Food handling requirements

Please remember, working with a substitute is an important responsibility and failing to comply with these requirements may carry criminal sanctions.

Deliveroo has a zero-tolerance policy towards those who fail to meet their obligations in relation to any substitute engaged by them. If we are made aware of any riders working with substitutes who do not have the required authorisation to work, we will take immediate action and inform the relevant authorities.