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Introducing Deliveroo rider perks!

What perks do I get as a Deliveroo rider?

Welcome to Deliveroo – we’re so pleased you’re choosing to ride with us. Explore all the perks and extras you get access to as a Deliveroo rider. From petrol discounts, online learning courses and discounts on safety equipment, it’s all free for you as a rider with us. All you have to do to access these amazing perks is complete your first order in the Rider app. Soon after that, we’ll email you with instructions to unlock your perks.

  • Food and Drink
  • Vehicle
  • Money Management

Here’s a flavour of the perks you can access

  • Free access to over 700 online courses with OpenClassrooms
  • And so much more! Plus, we’re always exploring new partnerships to offer you even more extras.

What are perks?

Perks are all the exclusive extra benefits you can access as a Deliveroo rider. We’ve partnered with big brands like Shell, Open Classrooms and so many more, to give you exclusive discounts and free stuff.

We’ve got lots of great perks on offer, with you in mind. From lifestyle perks to free food and drink, discounts on vehicle maintenance and money management, we’ve got you covered.


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