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My supplier agreement has an end date. Will I be able to provide my services to Deliveroo after my supplier agreement ends?

Deliveroo is proud to offer flexible work with attractive earnings. We try to do this by ensuring the number of riders we onboard and have on the road matches our anticipated customer demand, in particular during peak periods. 

We anticipate particularly high demand over the next few months around Christmas and New Year and, to ensure there aren't too many riders on the road next year, we are currently onboarding new riders on short-term supplier agreements. This will allow us to meet the temporary increase in customer demand during our busy season, and ensure attractive earnings for our riders.

We’re constantly assessing our consumer demand and we’ll get in touch later if there’s an opportunity for you to switch to an unlimited supplier agreement. Within the dates of your supplier agreement you're free at all times to decide when, where and whether to work, and to accept or reject any order, for any reason.

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