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How do I contact Rider Support?

Most questions can be answered quickly by checking the FAQs on the rider website. The website has loads of helpful info – from questions about perks to making account updates.

If an article doesn't answer your question or you need to get in touch you can find a button underneath the article to get in touch with us.

Live support (for live orders only)

The Live Support team is there to help you with any questions or issues you have about an order you’re currently delivering, or need to unassign yourself from if your vehicle breaks down or you’re involved in an accident.

You can contact live support using the live chat in the app - tap the button in the

When you do need to contact Live Support through Chat, help the team help you as quickly as possible by:

  • Including your question or issue in your first message
  • Providing any other relevant information, like the order number
  • Letting them know what steps you have taken to try and resolve the issue so far

Other support

Contacting the Support team can take time, time we know you don’t want to waste. Here are some tips on how you can resolve the most common issues riders encounter in the app, without having to contact Support.

Contacting customers
If you can’t find the customer’s address or they aren’t answering their door, there are several ways you can try and contact the customer through your app:

  1. Send them a message – Tap the Chat icon in the top right-hand corner of the ‘deliver order’ screen to send the customer a message in Chat. There’ll be a few ready-made messages for you to choose from.
  2. Give them a call – If they don’t reply, tap the ? icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen and select ‘Call’.
  3. Send a ‘Leaving soon’ alert – If the customer doesn’t answer their phone or respond to your message, the option to send them a push notification will become available 2 minutes later. To send a notification, tap the ? icon again.
  4. Complete the order after 5 minutes and leave it in a safe place – 5 minutes after you’ve sent them a push notification, you’ll be able to complete the delivery.

Long restaurant wait times
If you’ve been waiting at a restaurant for a long time and no longer want to deliver the order, you can reject the order in the app and let us know it was because of the wait. You can do this by tapping ? on the Collect Order screen.

How busy your area is
With the app’s heatmap, you can check what customer demand in your area is like at any time. The map refreshes itself every 5 minutes so you can see when it’s a great time to go online, take a break, or try riding in a nearby zone that’s busier.

How you’re offered orders
If you’re concerned that other riders nearby seem to be being offered more orders, it’s important to remember that multiple factors influence which orders are offered to you. Factors like the distance between the restaurant and the customer and amount of traffic on the road. The Live Support team cannot control when or which orders are offered to you.

Missing items
If a customer tells you an item is missing from their order, politely let them know that they should report it through the Deliveroo app. Doing this allows you to get back on the road quickly while our Customer Service helps the customer directly.

Questions about fees
If your question is about order fees or fee boosts, these should be sent to the Rider Support team through the fee query form here.

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