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What is the thermal bag?

On an order

Your thermal or insulated bag helps keep orders warm, safe and undamaged. It’s best to pack orders upright and securely inside the thermal bag. Keeping hot and cold food items separate helps to avoid spills.

If you choose to deliver more than one order, it’s important to keep them apart from each other to avoid mixing orders, which can cause cross-contamination and serious harm to customers with allergies.

If an order spills or is damaged in a way that may cause contamination, you should contact Rider Support in the rider app to let them know and they can organise for it to be remade.

Keep your kit clean

The best way to keep kit clean is to store it in a clean safe place indoors when you’re not on orders.

Cleaning kit items like backpacks and thermal bags daily and after spills helps them to last. Washing up liquid with a rinse and food-safe sanitiser works well, and they can be wiped down to dry.

Our Deliveroo jackets are machine washable, and you can hang them to dry.

When cleaning your equipment, it’s best to use food-safe chemicals and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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