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How do I look after my kit?

The best way to keep your kit food-safe and looking fresh is to clean it regularly – as a bonus, it will also make your kit last longer!

It’s good practice to clean your equipment regularly – not only when spills happen. But if food spills while you’re delivering an order, it’s especially important you clean your kit thoroughly.

When cleaning your equipment you need to use food-safe chemicals and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always remember to keep cleaning chemicals away from food and drinks, and always wash your hands well after you clean your kit.

You can help avoid spillages in the first place by packing orders carefully, and separating stacked orders from each other. If an order spills or is damaged in a way that you think may cause contamination, you should contact Rider Support to let them know and they can organise for it to be remade.

Managing spills and keeping your kit clean is really important to prevent the risk of cross contamination. This is vital for customers who suffer from allergies – it could save their life.

Cleaning instructions
Jackets are machine washable – just follow the instructions on the label. Machine wash at 30 degrees and hang dry.

If your waterproof jacket is working properly, water should bead off the surface. If water starts to settle into the surface and the jacket looks damp then it may be time to re-proof using a reproofing agent like Nikwax or Fabsil.

You can clean your backpack and thermal bags by wiping them down with a damp cloth, or using food-safe cleaning products.

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