Your safety is our top priority

Like many of you, we were shocked by the incidents that took place in Dublin yesterday evening. As a result we took the decision to close our operations for the night because your safety, and the safety of our partners and customers, is our top priority.

Today the Gardai have committed to increased presence across the city to ensure the safety of everyone in the city, and as such we have decided to reopen in most zones. There are road closures in place so please make sure to follow all instructions from the Gardai.

We will continue to monitor the situation throughout today and the weekend.

We would strongly encourage you only to go online if you feel safe to do so. If you do choose to ride and feel unsafe at any time, please get yourself to safety as a priority, or find a Garda for help. You can always call Rider Support at any time to be unassigned from an order you no longer want to complete.