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Join us as a rider with a car, scooter or bicycle. You choose when and how much you work.

Apply now for a short term supplier agreement to ride during our busiest months.

  • Work when you want to
  • Reach your earnings goals
  • Get round-the-clock support

What you'll need

  • Scooter, bike or car (with licence and insurance)
  • Safety equipment (e.g. helmet)
  • Proof of your right to work self-employed
  • Age 18+

Ready to earn? Just tap the app

Go online whenever you’re in an area we cover, within our opening hours. While you’re online, we’ll send you orders to deliver. Stay online for as long as you like – it’s all up to you.

Deliveroo app on a phone

We're always here for you

When you’re on the road, we’re with you – for help, advice and support, message or call us in the app. Your safety is our priority, so we’ll insure you in case of accidents, too. It’s totally free and applies from the moment you go online.

Competitive fees

We pay a competitive fee for each order you deliver. You can earn tips from customers too, to help towards your earnings goals.

Ways to boost your earnings

Take advantage of busy areas and earn more at evenings and weekends.

Support, training and peace of mind

Our support teams are always with you. We offer safety training and equipment, too, as well as free accident cover while you’re on the road.

Get paid when you want

We’ll transfer your earnings weekly. Want to get paid faster? Cash out in the app daily.

Professional kit

Highly visible, comfortable and breathable gear, suitable for the climate you’re riding in.

1000s of restaurant partners

We’re one of the busiest food delivery platforms in the country, delivering orders in your local area every day.

How it works

Once you’ve joined Deliveroo, here’s what to expect.


Accept and go

While you’re online, we’ll offer you orders to deliver. Tap to accept the order.


Collect the order

You’ll see a map with a route to the restaurant. Show a staff member your screen to get your packed order.


Make a customer’s day – deliver their food!

Next, we'll show you a suggested route to the customer. After you've delivered their food, you're ready to accept a new order.

Applying online is easy

Make sure you have your ID, driving licence (for scooter and car drivers) and proof of right to work.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a short term supplier agreement?

    Deliveroo is proud to offer flexible work with attractive earnings. We try to do this by ensuring the number of riders we onboard and have on the road matches our anticipated customer demand, in particular during peak periods. 

    At certain times of the year, when we expect particularly high demand, we may onboard new riders on short-term supplier agreements. These agreements come with an expiry date, after which your account will be closed. This will allow us to meet the temporary increase in customer demand during our busy season, and ensure attractive earnings for our riders.

    Once you’ve received your supplier agreement you can check clause 1 to find this date. After this date, your account will be closed - we'll send you an email before this happens to remind you.

    We’re constantly assessing our consumer demand and we’ll get in touch later if there’s an opportunity for you to switch to an unlimited supplier agreement. Within the dates of your supplier agreement you're free at all times to decide when, where and whether to work, and to accept or reject any order, for any reason.

  • What are the requirements for being a rider?

    To ride with Deliveroo you’ll need:

    • Proof of your right to work in the Ireland as self-employed
    • A smartphone – (iOS 13.6 and above) or Android (6.0 and above)
    • Your own vehicle (bicycle, scooter, or car) with the necessary safety equipment
    • An Irish bank account

    You must also:

    • Be over 18
    • Have no unspent criminal convictions
    • Cars and motorised scooters will also need food delivery insurance as well as regular motor vehicle insurance.
  • What documents do I need?

    One document to prove your right to work in Ireland, which could be:

    • Irish/EEA passport
    • EEA ID card (plus additional photo ID)
    • Non-EEA passport, with valid visa (including immigration status) or Biometric Residence Permit
    • Irish birth/adoption certificate with National Insurance number
    • Permission to enter the labour market

    One document to prove your address, which could be:

    • A bank or credit card statement (not from an online bank like Monzo or Starling)
    • An original utility bill (excluding mobile phone)
    • A letter from the government

    If you’re applying to ride with a car or scooter you’ll also need to provide:

    • Irish/EEA driving licence (or provisional licence and CBT for scooters)
    • Proof of food delivery insurance
  • What insurance do I need?

    For cars and motorised scooters, on top of your regular vehicle insurance you’ll need:

    • Hire and reward insurance, or
    • Fast food delivery insurance, or
    • Carriage of goods, including food, for hire and reward insurance

    We’ll need to see proof of this insurance before you start riding with us.

    We find many riders get insurance from the following providers, though of course you’re welcome to use any provider you like:

    Fast food delivery insurance

    Zego is integrated with the Deliveroo rider app, so you only pay for the time you’re logged in. You can sign up for Zego if you’re over 21 years old. 

  • What does Deliveroo’s free rider insurance cover?

    As a Deliveroo rider you are covered by our insurance whenever and wherever you’re out on the road with us. This includes the whole time you’re online, as well as up to one hour after you go offline.

    Rider accident insurance

    Covers all riders when working.

    Your accident insurance gives you supporting income in case you can’t work following an accident while working with Deliveroo. You can claim an ongoing payment if you are injured and unable to work, and a lump sum payment for many injury types. You also have access to legal expenses cover, and a counselling and advice service. This insurance covers you and anyone working using your account as a substitute.

    Find out more about rider accident insurance

    Rider public liability

    Covers cyclists and walkers when working. It also covers scooter and car riders when they’re ‘off-vehicle’, for example, when walking to pick up and deliver orders.

    You and your substitutes get €5,000,000 of cover in case you cause injury to someone whilst at work. It also gives you protection in case you damage someone else’s property whilst working, such as other vehicles or buildings. Legal costs are included in the cover. This insurance covers you and anyone working using your account as a substitute.

    Find out more about rider public liability

    Earnings support for illness

    Riders working regularly with Deliveroo may also be eligible to claim up to €35 per day if you're unwell and unable to work. This element of our insurance, which is available to all eligible riders, will ensure that, if your doctor tells you not to work because you're ill, you will be provided with earnings support while you rest and recover. 

    Find out more about earnings support for illness

    New child payment

    New parents who work regularly with Deliveroo can claim a one-off payment of €1,000 on the birth or adoption of a child, to help with loss of earnings and additional expenses. This means you can take time off to focus on your family. 

    Find out more about the one-off new child payment.

    What's not covered?

    Riders using a car or scooter to complete deliveries will need to purchase their own vehicle insurance - you can find out what you need below.

    Your own vehicle and other items of kit will also not be covered by this insurance. If your kit has been damaged and you want to replace it, please get in touch with us.

  • How do I get paid?

    Riders get paid for each delivery they make. The exact delivery fee varies per order and includes a variable distance fee. You will be told of the delivery fee payable before you accept the order. 

    Fees are paid every week on a Tuesday. If you want your fees sooner, you can use our cash out feature in the app, for a €0.50 fee.

    Riders keep 100% of any tips they receive and these are paid at the same time as the rest of your fees.

  • What kit do you offer?

    At onboarding, you can order professional kit from the Rider Kit Store. Here’s what you can get in your core kit bundle:


    • Insulated backpack
    • Optional helmet
    • Optional phone mount
    • Optional jacket


    • Insulated backpack
    • Small thermal bag
    • Optional phone mount
    • Optional jacket


    • Large thermal bag
    • Small thermal bag
    • Optional phone mount

    It’s important that your kit meets our minimum health and safety standards, to keep you safe on the road and protect customer orders. You can choose to use Deliveroo kit or your own to deliver orders, as long as the kit you use meets the required health and safety standards.

  • Can I provide my own kit?

    Yes, you’re not required to wear Deliveroo branded kit when on the app or delivering for Deliveroo. You’re welcome to buy kit from a supplier of your choice but your kit will need to meet our minimum safety standards.

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